Demo Alley Winners Announced

There are two sets of Bragging Rights to be had

The first is the public vote – this is where you get the public to hand over their tokens to you if they think you are in their top 3

We count your Votes and the  the Demo Alley winner of the public vote will be announced.

There will be a seperate  vote for Judges vote

Taking Part in  Demo Alley

People need information to have knowledge and make money. But we produce more information that we can handle. Working with text data typically takes a lot of time. Current solutions are still limited and require effort. We need real intelligent machines to get work efficiently done.
We provide a full stack language processing solution to automate and shorten text data review and analysis turnaround times by 99%
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WalkinVR is Driver is a software program which aims to make virtual reality games and applications more accessible for Everyone! Actively engage to allow you to have fun and support physiotherapy
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They provide flexible Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturing challenges
Transforming production processes with human driven data.
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Get to know our innovative startup, which is the easiest way for exchanging almost 100 currency pairs. Trade them swiftly and securely down to Artificial Intelligence appliance.
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The BACTrem company uses useful bacteria to protect the environment. They are developing new biotechnologies . They deal with the distribution of hazardous substances and wastes (biodegradation), among others liquidation of petroleum contamination and deactivation of heavy metals (bioremediation) . Conducts microbiological tests .
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Human Colloid

We are delighted that Patryk Szymczak will be showcasing his Human Colloid project at Demo Alley on Monday

We connect teams of scientists with hard technology with paying customers



Loading Schedule and Route Planning directly in your ERP
Connect your Supply Chain application through API with our algorithms and optimize routing for your vehicle fleet.On average our algorithms save 13% of km driven compared to manual scheduling.
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Producers of pellets, furniture boards, building materials, suppliers of biomass for combined heat and power plants, biogas plants, fruit and vegetable processing companies and others encounter a similar topic – excessive water content in the raw material and, as a consequence, a reduced calorific value of the fuel or limited use of the raw material. This is also due to high transport costs and the occurrence of warehouse losses in the absence of those interested in buying a lower quality product. Similar problems also have, for example, distilleries, sugar factories, poultry farms, or sewage treatment plants.
For more information please is a design and research platfrom implementing the projects where paper is used as an architectural material.

The projects are realized in cooperation with international research and scientific centers, design practices, paper industry and business partners.

We are aiming to find new and innovative solutions in architecture from the scale of industrial and interior design through art installations and utility spaces to the scale of buildings.
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Digital Fingerprints 

We believe that security and privacy of data are very important values in the digital era. We know that human behaviour can be used as a seamless security layer. As a team we have shared ethics that lead us towards the goal of making this world a better place. We want you to be secure just the way you are. Meet us here.
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Inwill –

Our solution is a battery of extended electric capacity. It is based on well-known lithium-ion technology.However, its innovative construction and use of different kind of electrolytic technology (still a lithium) result in much more extended capacity. For example, batteries capable of charging electric bike (dimensions and capacity) have relatively good performance, however our battery of the same dimensions is capable of storing 2,5 times more electricity.
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Sky Tronic

Sky Tronic is high-tech company specializing in designing and production of novel steering and flight control systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones.
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is a technology company focused on exhaust aftertreatment systems for marine industry. We want to help our customers meet the most stringent emission standards. Founders of Ecoexhaust have been working in maritime industry as maritime engineers, thanks to that our company understand the current needs and perceptions of industry. Experience gained during that time forced us to design control emission systems like marine SCR, marine DPF and SCR-DPF which are easy to maintain, reliable and have long overhaul intervals.
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Their mission is to design and deliver automated eco-infrastructure for smart cities.
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As Machine Learning professionals they know that development of innovative market-ready ML/DL solutions is time-consuming, resources-intensive and very costly. This is why they came up with an idea of a set of tools which could significantly reduce time-cost-resources trade-off.
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BZB UAS is made up of enthusiasts who specialize in the design and production of unmanned flying systems for civil applications. The company’s main goal is to promote high technologies, quality and safety. 
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