Ivan Marandola

Biotech dude who dropped out of the industry too early (2011), but launched the first European based Genomics Sequencer in 2005.
Launched 7 startups and had 2 successful exits. He counts himself a Connected Hardware Protestant.
Ivan is a mentor @Hax Accelerator, Boomtown Accelerator, FT Accelerator, Amazon Launchpad. Harvard xMBA.
He is in charge of “productazing” a new supply chain for indie tech & emerging IOT devices that bypasses the old school Big Box Retailer channel of distribution.
The Bridge between Indie Tech niche makers and retail is a $980B industry.
In the last 5 years Ivan has helped 150+ hardware startups to position and launch within US & EMEA markets through iWABOO B2Boo; the very first B2B platform in the world that uses AI to connect successfully funded tech products unto premium market shelves worldwide.
  • Company:Indiegogo
  • Short Bio:Product Evangelist - Ambassador Europe and Italy
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